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  • If nothing else, he's consistent - he makes a fool of himself on every board he posts on. At least meds uses things to back up his argument, even if they're flawed.
    Enjoying banging your head against that brick wall? It's like arguing with a ten year old.
    Hehe, soz I forgot to msg back. I did indeed 'Paint the devil on the wall' ;) It was also the birthday of the great Chuck Schuldiner on the 13th :p
    Great follow-up post on the "Western World" thread mate - and those facts you mentioned were included in that info I put up before now on the "Quran" thread, incorporating reference to Brzezinski and quotes from many others.

    But yeah, certain folks would rather stick their fingers in their ears, put on the blindfold and repeat the same prejudicial utterances ad nauseum, rather than actually engage in discussion based on factual evidence and reasoned argument when it comes to issues like this.

    Always good to see another kindred spirit on the SRP board - wish there were more like us :thumbsu:
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