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  • hey porps.
    haven't been on for a fair while and haven't really been in contact with anyone on here for a while haha.
    howve you been? still DT'ing?
    been happy with your crows? been going alright so far take out the port and melbourne game ( :S) and its been impressive.
    Strong rumor -

    Porps wants to leave the crows!!!
    Wants to be traded to a melbourne club and you will hear more about this on 5aa later this week.
    Yeah ive been good, im addicted to DT :D

    Haha yeah the Crows are hopeless :p
    D: you're no longer a gold member.
    that sucks
    I was just about to tell you to change your name to Dream_Team_Queen or something along those lines to indicate how great you are at Dream Team.

    Just feel sorry for you being stuck with what it is now, considering Porplyzia is now ugly in your eyes.
    :mad: I made a few changes to my dream team. Now it's completely ****ed again
    just tell me which of these 2 options is better
    1) Franklin, Hille, Hunt, Mattner
    2) Gumbleton, Stanley, Hargrave, Goddard
    My computer is being lame and not working... So I'm on my sister's and msn doesn't work! Facebook chat? I've only got like 20 mins too.
    Yes, we prefer to go with the "true love" concept than the "we had no choice so figured we may as well accept it" explanation :D
    Riggy - let's just say that Rory Sloane is a fine instrument whereas I am more of a bludgeoning hammer :D

    PIHL - To be honest the "break up and remain friends" very rarely works in practice anyway, particularly if one side feels harder done by than the other. All that being said, I shouldn't complain. My fiancee and I split up after a couple years of dating but because we were A) stuck in a rental lease, and B) stuck in the same working office, I couldn't get away from her. Fast forward a few years and we're back together and engaged which wouldn't have happened if I'd had the option of simply breaking ties, so I guess I should be grateful :p
    Wouldn't blame you. Everyone else blames me for anything, even though I have nothing to do with the situation.
    It seems to me if you have a relationship in the real world then surely you end it there too. Oh well. What would I know :p

    My avatar is in no way representative of the true cmndstab! :p
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