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    Game Day It’s game day bitches meow

    More entries on the ground boys. Cats will swallow the high ball all night. If you can’t lower the eyes, scrubber it and forwards play in front.
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    Test 2021 New Zealand Tour of England (2 Tests)

    I reckon if England play Broad and Anderson together plus a bowler (at least one, possibly 2 instead of Leach) with a bit of heat they will knock the Kiwis over for a low scoring series. Who knows the priority of playing Broad and Anderson together for this series though.
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    Game Day Port v Freo

    DBJ absolutely putrid. I reckon 4 goals have come from his direct opponent getting away while he just stands there.
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    Lack of Intensity (1st Quarter)

    I think it may have had various causes to begin with, but now it's in the players heads that we often start poorly away from home. It's probably causing many of the players to question their positioning and tactics during the quarter ("Am I pressuring up hard enough, do I run forward or back...
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    What if Trent McKenzie is good now?

    The kick-in strategy is bizarre, in a) it remains the same no matter what b) the tall targets get beaten - despite every player in the area knowing they should be blocking the oppo talls.
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    Game Day Round 10 - The What Happen Vertical Black-and-White Stripes™ Cup

    The players looked like they’d genuinely forgot how to play for about 10 minutes.
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    Game Day Port v Bulldogs

    Mids sorted whatever they were doing wrong. I reckon Burton and Allir got better front position and prevented several Dogs opportunities that quarter that they were not able to do in the first too.
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    Game Day Port v Bulldogs

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    Game Day Port v Bulldogs

    Coaches are insane if they thought we'd do any better than break even in midfield and should have parked the bus as plan b about 8 minutes in.
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    Preview Changes v Bulldogs - Rd 8 - Saturday 7:10pm May 15 @ AO

    Brisbane scored from 55% of their inside 50s against us, so either a point or goal every second time they went in... which is pretty high. West Coast a bit less at 49% So yeah probably felt like nearly every time they went in...because it pretty much was
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    Preview Changes v Bulldogs - Rd 8 - Saturday 7:10pm May 15 @ AO

    The gap in individual midfield quality can be overcome with different set ups and strategies at stoppages around the ground (e.g +1 behind the ball or send half-forwards up, clog the fall of the ball or try hold shape outside of the immediate contest) which are things we CAN be good at (looking...
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    Preview Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs Rd 9 2021

    Percentage quarter by quarter for this season: Q1Q2Q3Q4 WB188%157%86%210% PA101%160%155%104% We need to start well, which has been a bit of a weakness this season, I reckon Q4 would be a bit of game management by us when winning (that other teams are not doing). WB bizarrely poor...
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    Preview Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs Rd 9 2021

    It might sound counter-intuitive given their midfield strength but I think we need to clog the game up as much as possible with stoppages to stop their run and carry with handball. The more we can stop them flowing forward finding players outside the contest with handball in space to deliver...
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    Preview Changes v Bulldogs - Rd 8 - Saturday 7:10pm May 15 @ AO

    Ladhams should help with the aerial battle around the ground (even if he drops the marks as per recent form) where we have a definite advantage over the Dogs. Problem will be keeping the ball out of the Dogs hands and putting enough pressure on the ball carrier to make inside 50s easier to...
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    Preview Changes v Bulldogs - Rd 8 - Saturday 7:10pm May 15 @ AO

    If the strategy is concede the tap and crowd the ground where the ball lands - Ladhams. If the strategy is to compete in the ruck and mix it up a bit - Hayes. I'd vote Hayes. Setting up to always lose the ruck can go wrong as soon as the dominant ruck realises and switches tactics (e.g Gawn...