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  • Hey man i know i dont know you that well but you probably know me a little at least...

    Anyway I just moved to las vegas and me and my friends are looking for the best place to stream/download afl games live or as good as...

    Its cool if you dont know but i just assumed you would - or at least know someone who does.

    Thanks brother :)

    he is the guy that keeps respawning

    he has been doing it for a couple of years on another forum as well, hates censorship and any hint of collingwood bashing

    You'll never ever beat him in an argument and for a laugh tell him wisbey and magpie greg are better then he is
    no this bloke is older then you and i

    ill get around to explaining that one eventually lol, hopefully u dont get his PM's they are meant to be lovely
    how mind numbing is trade week lol, bring in friday at 2

    Oh and i dont think we will win the jolly argument either
    i let rip on adelaide in that thread you made, so maybe um pretend you are victorian this week or womething
    multi quote by pressing the multi quote button. Not sure about the new layout but I think it turns red then when you have finished selecting quotes press "quote" and all your quotes will be on in the new post box thingamajig
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