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Primetime Pricey
Last Activity:
Dec 11, 2016 at 4:45 PM
Jun 18, 2008
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Awarded Medals 1

Munno Para Downs, Adelaide

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Primetime Pricey

Degenerate Punter, Male, from Munno Para Downs, Adelaide

Primetime Pricey was last seen:
Dec 11, 2016 at 4:45 PM
    1. Geoff Heywood
      Geoff Heywood
      Can you DM please? Thanks.
    2. Provost_
    3. kaness
      Hey man i know i dont know you that well but you probably know me a little at least...

      Anyway I just moved to las vegas and me and my friends are looking for the best place to stream/download afl games live or as good as...

      Its cool if you dont know but i just assumed you would - or at least know someone who does.

      Thanks brother :)

    4. Crimson King
      Crimson King
      This should be your avatar, PP. :D

    5. Optimax
      lol serious? he really likes you
    6. Optimax
      he is the guy that keeps respawning

      he has been doing it for a couple of years on another forum as well, hates censorship and any hint of collingwood bashing

      You'll never ever beat him in an argument and for a laugh tell him wisbey and magpie greg are better then he is
    7. Optimax
      no this bloke is older then you and i

      ill get around to explaining that one eventually lol, hopefully u dont get his PM's they are meant to be lovely
    8. Optimax
      yea i have to agree haha
    9. Optimax
      lol collingwood or the poster (its the one guy everytime)
    10. Optimax
      how mind numbing is trade week lol, bring in friday at 2

      Oh and i dont think we will win the jolly argument either
    11. fryingpan
    12. Optimax
      i let rip on adelaide in that thread you made, so maybe um pretend you are victorian this week or womething
    13. unband
      4 hamstring tears in his last 7 games

      Dan you just got arse raped :p
    14. Primetime Pricey
    15. Jabso
      multi quote by pressing the multi quote button. Not sure about the new layout but I think it turns red then when you have finished selecting quotes press "quote" and all your quotes will be on in the new post box thingamajig
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    Munno Para Downs, Adelaide
    AFL Club:
    NRL Team:
    A-League Team:
    Super 15 Team:
    Cricket: Sheffield Shield:
    Other Teams:
    MUFC, GB, Duke, LAA, NYK, C Raiders


    "Ziggy played guitar...... jamming good with Weird and Gilly..." RIP THE GREATEST

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