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  • How about this fact.

    We will beat you in 2 weeks time and assure ourselves of a finals finish while you languish at the bottom of the ladder yet again and your club goes from one disaster to another.

    Your days of beating us are over and your club is history.
    How about these facts:

    Port and Essendon have played against each other 20 times and Port have won 14 of those games. We have owned the Dons.

    In addition, the Dons have not beaten Port since 2004 (yes, that is seven years).

    Can't imagine what Essendon is doing with all that money if they can't beat a 'rabble' like Port.
    There is nothing to discuss with your team as they are a rabble, broke and a joke and you are not right at all.

    Hirds expectations for this year were for us to improve. We have so you are wrong.
    Happy to debate Port, but that you seek to change the subject demonstrates that I am right.
    Essendon 5 and a half wins
    Port Power 2

    Essendon - Have a future and finances
    Port - Are broke, living on handouts and have no future.
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