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  • Hey, nice location *assumes Anthrax reference*
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    Rack Watts
    Rack Watts
    Absolutely squire!
    Fav band, bar none.
    Did you see them at Soundwave?
    Made my mates come in early for them. Excellent showing. Loved how excited he was when he got the Indian headdress from the crowd! Was a sweet line-up. Nabbed a Metallica pick, too :p
    What'd you reckon?
    Rack Watts
    Rack Watts
    Dude, loved it. I was at the Sydney one, so I got to see them twice, once at Soundwave, then the Slayer sideshow.
    Man, I was so pissed I didn't get any picks, I was diving all over the ground and man handling peeps to get at them, thus, nothing. Anthrax were even better at the Sidewave, they played I am the Law, I'm Alive and Among the Living which was awesome. Metallica were nuts also!
    Your new av is like some kind of blipvert. It's making my brain hurt.. okay it could be the beer too.
    Hi mate,

    This season is shaping up like 2008 and I honestly think we are half a shot to win it. Collingwood & Geelong are rightfully favourites, but we have been playing some good football this year. With Buddy & Cyril in the side and firing, we are always going to be in any game.

    Yup, really wish most of our spine in Stratton, Gilham and Roughead were playing, particuarly Rough.

    How about the Dons? Pretty good chance of meeting Carlton first round of the finals eh. Would be a belter of a match!
    Hey buddy,

    Great win against the Cats today! Looks like it's going to shut me up for a while, as I don't have much to troll Essendon about if you play like that ;)

    Hope all is well

    You are one funny guy. Been lolling at many of your posts in the meat head thread. By the way, good luck with your mma training.
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