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  • Hey Buddy how ya doing?

    Who you going for in the Ashes?

    If you want another crack at the fantasy cricket you can count me in as your right hand man, we can terrorise the competition again.

    Those WCW pricks took out the double this year.
    Yo mang. Keep that sh*t on the Dee El.. Am planning epicness, just not sure what yet (inb4 Fred reads this and perma)
    My man, Rave to the Slave, it's TC posting onya page
    You c*nts lost to Freo, must make you wanna rage
    I know how ya feel, cuz they beat us all the time
    Mother****ers even beat us in '06, we were in our prime
    But pay no mind, because Adelaide have got the man
    Who can lead you to glory, kick it to him is the plan
    Just draft a few more n1ggers, and your team should be 'aight
    Then change your club name to the Adelaide Midnights

    Yeah, you know how I do homie
    Check it dawg, I'm back up in this b*tch.

    Strap your **** on tight, 'cause T totha C waters is comin' at you faster than you can say Joseph Fritzl
    That's good as. You still with Cath yeah?

    Male model career is going good. I'm mainly just taking photos of myself infront of the mirror without flushing the bog down the toilet. No offers have come in so far but we'll see.
    Recently jacked up dem weights brah.

    D/Bell curling 16kg each arm brah. Ripped solid like a fijian adonis.
    how the hell am I supposed to know you posted on here?

    you fail harder than Crow-Mo-Ho-Mo (seewutididthere)
    Crow-Mo is sexy, he hates everyone but he and I get along well.

    Maybe because my sense of humour is based on a 12 year olds sense of humour iuno.
    Coming again to save the mother ****ing day, yeah


    Hey brus, I have a question.. Why is CrowMo such a dunce? Seems like a kiddie fidler


    Anyway, quality Seaking brah..
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