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  • Thanks, RD. You are now a civillian. You're also platinum for the next 5 years too.

    Anything you need etc around the site do let me know.

    Always appreciate your input too.

    Mate, check out the player review thread on the main board. Could use your assistance to mobilise the Box Hill lads.
    Cool. There's an adjustment period when you don the blue. And, yes, it changes the way you post and the way people interact with you. Stay in touch on the thread and we want your input on all the hawthorn boards.
    haha yeh, turn out that hoppo is a more common nick name that you'd think! I have been called that since I was a kid and a few random 'hoopo's' have turned up in my lifetime!

    I do manage to get to a couple of games a year, usually 3 or 4, but I'm hoping for that figure to increase next year once I finish uni and actually have a job that pays good money! I'm heaps excited for the prelim! And if we're in GF, then I am there! Didn't buy a gold membership for nothin!

    Cheers for the message hoppo!

    Hey mate thanks for the message ... Sorry I didn't get to the footy last week look forward to meeting up with you in the finals ...

    GO HAWKERS !!!
    Russ, was that you that sms'd me at the London after the game last night. I've saved the number as you but let me know. :thumbsu:
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