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  • "27 years old and you've got this as your mental capacity."

    Thats a bit harsh mr army. Does something have you down?
    I would have thought I would have earnt the right to be "followed." Obviously not :(
    I am officially following you ;) Don't worry, I only post crap on there anyways like I do most places lol.
    Haha yesss I have, it's been a bit quiet lately but should pick up soon you'd think! Less than 3 weeks til Round 1 now, eeeeee <3
    Hello friend :) I am still around!! I don't post much on here though, which is mainly because I don't have anything useful to say hehe :p. Yeah, I jumped off FB and landed aboard the Twitter train...woopsss. What's news? I can't stalk you anymore so you'll have to tell me instead :p
    yeah, was a bit embarrassing looking at the half empty top deck of the southern stand in the general public area and then the bottom area full of melbourne plus most of the members side. We're supposed to be a powerhouse and our supporters are staying away in droves because it's only 15 degrees and our finals chances were about 5% :cool:
    I've never played 1 v 1 before. All I've been playing is co-op. You might say, I'm afraid of being pwned.
    We get rid of players that aren't suitable for our club anymore. If only Richmond would do that with Cousins you'd be flying
    CHRIS...........? Someone said it below. I can only stalk your posts back to like Aug 09. Based on my assumption of your name I will now send you links to FB profiles who may or may not be you so please don't be offended if it's some dork lol. I have no life.
    hello there :) hehe yeah we had a good chat i suppose! yep, pretty new.. i spend more time just sitting back and observing than being involved, but i'm getting there! thanks for the message, hope you had a good weekend!
    Haha I was trying to figure out what Lol was :p Took me forever to realise it was just a avatar :p
    You've made some pretty cool logos and I visited your site and cheked out your portfolio and I wished I can be as cool as you in designing stuff.

    Do you reckon you can design me a logo of a warrrior please?
    That's quite rude of you not to respond to your friend Mingo RFCTA. Respond.
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