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  • Hey rick do you think you could link up all wonders games to the 2nd post in the wonders thread if you are not already doing that cheers.
    Try and get most of the guys to vote out Shagons and Hawks.

    Me and Doggies are trying to get a pact going between Bombers and Wonders. We'll get to the end that way.

    Spread the word :D.
    I was going to show you what I'd written first but you weren't on MSN..... didn't think you'd mind
    Rick, can you PM me your votes again please. Just to make sure and now that you've had a chance to view the stats.
    I'm free.

    Rick, please put me in Rover for the grand final.

    I know I can single handedly win us the match.

    Gday Rick how are you mate, any chance for the next SoO match i could get a run in the midfield or on a wing?? if i can. Get back to me mate.
    I believe I said wants to write part of it. If I remember correctly my dear boy I offered to take it off your hands because I thought it'd be to big and you said you'd do it anyway. Plus it was a Friday night I was slightly intoxicated. Besides why the hell are you reading conversations between me and LJ? :D Stalker much?
    Wrestling fan, I don't know the lingo :D.

    Sausage Roll got owned and his come backs are pathetic.
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