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    3 reasons why we'll rebound in 2022

    Hi Guys. We have been on a roller coaster ride for 5 seasons after standing in line for 37 years. Personally I blame of course injuries and Steven Hocking (who slowed the game so other teams could halt our chaos method) for our 2021 year. There is no reason why we cannot bounce back in 2022...
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    Player Watch #29: Shai Bolton - What an absolute jet!

    Shai cited strong indigenous culture, very true with 4 or 5 indigenous boys in the ones every week. Thanks for sticking with us Shai, a true Richmond man.
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    Richmond Membership Tally 2021

    4 years of monstering the competition, whatever happens in the tail end of the 2021 season our team has earned our longer term loyalty and reward. Even if we don't win this one or the next 2 or 3 my membership will be locked in. Go Tige's.
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    Player Watch #4 Dustin Martin - Kidney injury will miss the rest of the season

    These days they can always do something keyhole if they need to so I am guessing the laceration was not too deep. Agree with earlier comment its a pity he can't get back to see his dad just now. I share the optimism too of an earlier post (even if it was a little tongue in cheek) that he could...
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    Oppo Camp 2020 Premiership Salt Mine

    We have a ludicrous situation at the moment with this Covid uncertainty. My thinking is that we need to look at this practically. We have no idea whether this season will actually finish so the AFL needs to take a stand. The season should be ended early (particularly now that the 3 time Norm...
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    List Mgmt. Rebuild or refresh?

    Curious thread to dig up, we won another premiership soon after this thread was started and I have seen nothing to suggest we won't win another this year. Rebuild and refresh is for teams not in their premiership window, let alone the team which is dominant. We just need to keep our best...
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    Apple Isle Showdown: Tas Govt threatens to end Hawks, North deals if no plan for 19th side

    I think we are missing the most important point here, the choice of club mascot. There is the ever ongoing internal friction between Launceston in the north and Hobart in the south. They need to finally put their heads together. Let me therefore offer the perfect compromise, the new team...
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    Burley Vs Sherrin

    Seems they are both good balls, any change would have to be based on a monster sponsorship I would think.
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    WA to host the GF?

    I think it's a good second choice to the MCG. Even with no WA clubs in the GF the crowd would be loud and proud representatives of the game and their state. Hard to say whether South Aussies would embrace the game as wholeheartedly unless Port is one of the GF teams.
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    The most likely 2021 AFL Grand Final matchup

    Tigers have played different teams in each of their premierships so I would be leaning to them playing Brisbane or Melbourne.
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    Wayne Carey Says He Is Indigenous (or might be and might look into it one day)

    Seems it would have been wise to check this first. Seems a very Trump like thing to do to make a claim and then say I might check up on it one day. Those who don't like him will like him even less and those who do like him will be shaking their heads.
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    Is that the final 8 set?

    For me, the jury is still out on Sydney and I would not have a lock on Melbourne just yet either even though they are top. They are 3 games above 9th and have yet to play most of the other in form contenders (look back over recent seasons, Richmond and Geelong were good wins but they tend to be...
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    Post - loss clarity. Do some of us get TOO emotional?

    It is part of barracking for and loving your club. It makes the losses more painful and the wins sweeter. As long as it does not hurt you (blood pressure, palpitations etc) nor those around you, family, friends, opposition supporters, then it's ok.
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    North Melbourne Priority Pick 2021

    North sure ballsed it up by kicking out pretty much all of their experienced players before their new coach could even have a say. But it is what it is and they may not win a game this year. I could live with North having a priority pick, even if this mess is largely of their own making.
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    Opinion Whateley - pushing shortened quarters?

    We all have opinions. Mine is as good as yours and as good as Mr. Whateley's. I would like 100 rotations again but who cares about my opinion ...