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  • Hey mate I got sent here by Stanton so I could join the super coach elite league??
    No worries mate. I'll get you access now
    You will have acces now
    I accidentally tried to join your Super Coach group but I was aiming for the group underneath. Apologies, you can just ignore it.
    Cheers mate
    Hi there

    Can you please explain where the "scartching post is" and why i can't access the thread i put up today?

    Hey mate, sorry about the lack of communication - did you still want those graphics done? Sorry about the epic delay. Computer/work problems galore the last few months
    I'm having a year off SuperCoach this year. Very busy with work and year 12 but I'd love to still remain in the SCE forum and hopefully come back, be it to Div 2 or otherwise, next year. Hope that's alright and good luck to this year for both you and the leagues.
    Yeah, why not. Need to put some serious work into this :eek: So behind on AFL atm
    Yeah, Im still undecided. If I was, I would go into Div 2. How many do we have confirmed so far?
    Haha, I was away all weekend anyway so only had a couple of small bets anyway through my phone, but in regards to the layout of the pdf and the work that went into the feature race it was terrific.
    Yes, very much so.

    Wifi load and rendering is instant.

    Under 3G. The page loads very fast, and is able to be navigated through and read, but your little Sportsbet/IASbet ads take a few seconds to load.

    Overall. ****ing fantastic. :D
    Hey again Rizzo, thanks for thinking of me, but I am actually pretty time-poor at the moment as I have a 10-month-old son, and I'm really trying to scale down my online involvement these days. I reckon if I jumped into a new project (particularly one associated with punting) that my wife would disown me. :p

    All the best for your site though, and if my situation changes I'll let you know. :thumbsu:
    Haven't forgotten! Will have something sent to you by the end of the weekend at the latest.

    EDIT: End of the week, sorry mate work has been crazy.
    Hey Rizzo; AFL, horse racing and NFL are my bread and butter. I also regularly venture into tennis, formula 1 and to a lesser extent cricket and golf. Soccer and cycling are more for the WC and Le Tour, not so much regular targets.
    Hey mate, the weekend was nuts, if it still hasn't been done ill get crackin on it tonight.

    Did you want the images in the same dimensions as you had on your thread?
    Hey mate, happy to have a go at what you requested over the weekend.
    New Melbourne Logo - can this thread please be deleted. This logo is not yet meant to be available for public consumption.

    can you start a thread that Shannpn Byrnes is up for goal of the year for Round 14

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