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  • I loved Ron's interview after the Lakers won the playoffs. "He passed me the ball. Kobe passed me the ball!" Not a Lakers fan but I love Ron for his personality. Bit of a goof but that's why he's fun.
    They feel I made progress with the things I have done. It's all about getting better.

    - Shannon Brown
    When we’re moving the ball, I think the high-low is very effective. It’s definitely going to work. And defensively having two seven footers really creates havoc for teams.

    - Andrew Bynum
    It's the first time in a long time that I've been complimented on my leadership skills. Partly it was my fault that I hadn't been complimented in the past. Maybe some people just weren't recognizing.

    Ron Artest
    For guys that play with me that enjoy hard work and that enjoy pushing themselves to raise their level of play, they've never had an issue with me. For guys that don't want to do that ... go the extra mile or run through that wall, we're gonna have problems. It's as simple as that.

    - Kobe Bryant
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