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  • Hi mate, not a Dogs supporter, but Canberra based and potentially interested in 2x tickets depending on the price and where in the stadium they are. Cheers
    haha, just saw your posts after all these years Kenny_01 - wish I had taken a punt on LYC and TGS. hope you're still set for life!
    Haha yeah they did, luckily got out of LYC before the slide. TGS are still doing well although it's been a long time since I was a shareholder! One thing is for sure - small caps certainly are a rollercoaster!
    Just stumbled on this. Quite funny looking back, was looking down the barrell of huge capital losses in 2008 but both LYC and TGS have set me up for life.
    Ummmm, well its probably great value but with copper prices tanking, a war in congo, a congo government which won't finalise the mining reviews and no signs that the economy will pick up in the next 24 months, I'm not sure that this is the environment to be investing in speculative resource stocks.

    Having said that, there is huge room for upside and could easily be a 20 bagger. What we do know is that grade is king and TGS have it, along with sound management. And highly unlikely price will drop under 7c.

    However, I'd invest in Lynas (LYC). With China supply of rare earths diminishing, Lynas owning the largest deposit in the world in Mt Weld and Barack Obama promoting alternative fuel methods and green technology, there could be a huge market for rare earths over the next century. When Lynas start producing, expecting a huge re-rating.
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