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  • Did you catch the tribute today? Was very nice to see the Stynes' out in force. Shame about the score
    Thanks, though I may have broken that in the Garry thread. Uh oh. Such jealous, jealous people in our society
    I feel like the opposite, so glad he can rest. I'm sure it will hit me soon.
    Thanks :)

    Keep smiling.

    I appreciate all your support through this, I'll miss him.

    I didn't even know the guy!

    But I guess we all did.
    He's playing great, absolutely amazing defence as usual. But that still doesn't stop me from being real nervous because of the massive breathing difficulties he is suffering from. Look at him during the points, but look at him after them. Labouring around the baseline. This is eerily similar to AO ’10, but the difference is that this version is more mentally strong, and you were right about that.
    Incredible comeback from 4-2 down in that breaker. But this is not even close to being over.
    You were saying? He’s done. Ferrer is the perfect bloke to take out a guy not feeling 100%.
    But why have the breathing problems returned?? Where has this come from?? He looks physically spent after every point, that’s why I said this is reminiscent of the old Djokovic. They are not building drama; he looks well off his best physically.
    I’m a bit shattered to be honest, I hate seeing him like this. So much with Djokovic is his body language, and just that fact that he looks so down and miserable is really getting me down. He looks like he's a beaten man already. Win this set and he might just be OK.
    Thanks. That looked a weak Aussie team though, so I hope the players are still as interested in the concept as many of us fans are.
    Thanks for the support Roostergal, after reading what I just read in the main board thread. I'm off this site for a while. Cheers again

    What number did you want at the Gumbies this season? And make sure your more active this season, You went MIA last season in the SFA despite being active in other parts of BF, im keeping the faith in you that you can appear regularly enough in the SFA not just for the Gumbies benefit but also for the Trolls chances of a licence in S15. Just aslong as it isnt spam tho :)
    There certainly are some desperately uninformed opposition fans around the place, and they seem especially noticeable over the last day or so.

    People who still think, for instance, that we're in debt and that our membership is somehow flagging, even though in reality, we're debt-free, making large profits, gaining record sponsorship and membership is skyrocketing - in other words, the exact opposite.

    Since $€U₤₤¥ turned out to be a lying duplicitous moneygrubbing rat, I've had an absolute field day around the main board and the Bay, but especially the Bay...
    Or to quote Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption: "Time draws out like a blade."

    And that sums the current situation up with explicit accuracy, I would say.
    Consider yourself part of the crew, Comrade! And absolutely no need to be shy at all about spreading the word either :thumbsu::)
    Hell yeah. Like a meteorite hitting an A-Bomb, as I said on the Demons board last night!

    If Scully does stay, I plan on leading our crew steaming in there and creating sweet bloody mayhem. An "invasion" of unprecedentedly monumental proportions.

    Expecting us to turn the main board into a Demon-dominated party zone as well... and I've started readying the 'troops' for exactly this event scenario on both boards :D
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