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  • Well I haven't really seen them for some time, they had a holiday house near our town and played golf here ect, but since the lake has been empty, 10 years they sold up I think. The Herald sun did a middle page spread on them after the 96 grand final (time frame) I remember that because they follow North. If you can get to Herald Sun archives somehow, It was a big article. John and Gaye Fiddler, I would imagine they would be trying to put it behind them now but good luck.
    Hi Rowie, Interesed in your interest in the PA tragedy. Had friends there in the BAC that were wounded by bullet fragments and 3 of their friends lost their lives. If It's a CT path you're heading down? don't bother repling
    Paul is also Law's bitch.

    My birthday is the 26th, so its a public holiday (Aus Day). Knowing uni though, there will still be class that day :(
    Paul Phoenix it is then. He is tough, like me.

    Yeah, it's a good way to do class because it's all over in 3-4 weeks. Was perfect. But the january start killed. Especially going in on my birthday which in previous years I'd just hung with family & friends :(
    I think its pretty widely accepted that Eddy was put in the game to appeal to the players who couldnt use the real fighters.

    3 days a week from 9-1 is perfect imo. Perfect lead up into full time study for me. Lets hope i pass haha.
    Button bashing? Please. I pwn.

    86-68 did actually hurt. But the exam was ghey and I mucked up pretty bad obviously. But I know I can pick up next year and soldier on.

    Summer school I went 3 days a week from 9-1. Pretty solid really and ended up back at work straight after. Hard work. But worth it considering.
    Please. I lick my lips against Gun Jack. Any real Tekken-er refuses to use Eddy as it is common knowledge he is the all-time button bashing king. No skill involved at all.

    Ooh. 86 to 68 has to sting. Whats the schedule like for summer school. Pretty strenuous or?
    Weak as.

    You will be pwnt by Gun Jack & if not, Eddie Gordo will go all psycho on yo a$$.

    Summer school was great last year - hell smashed out 86 internals but dropped to 68 after the exam :( Should've studied :p The timing is just poor - hence the switch to spring school.
    Im actually posting on my own wall on purpose now lol. You seem to find your way here so it saves me going to yours ha.

    Marshall Law will be the pwnzr of you. Failing that, Bryan Fury, Jin Kazama and Lei Wulong will suffice.

    Yeah the timing of summer school blows, but its all good.
    I'll see if i can - i might just make the little purchase and grab it on ps2/ps1 whatever it's on. The fool shall be you.

    History is teh ghey. Summer school is good though. Spring is going to be way better. Get it over and done with in Dec & enjoy the majority of summer. Summer school goes for 3-4 weeks at the beginning of Jan.

    Nice post on your own wall again, btw.
    Are you able to download Tekken 3? Do it, and we will organise a day where i can haul my ass to Seven Mile Beach and make a fool of you :)

    Yeah. My second and last is on Thursday. Had History on Saturday (eww) which i think i went ok on. Ill be hitting up the history summer school though so i can doo 2nd year subbies next year lol.
    PS1? Pffff. PS3>PS1. But if you bring Tekken "x" I can play that quite nicely on my original PS3. Along with Warne 99 which I picked up for $1 the other day :)

    Meh. Exams are just meh. Got one on friday - my only one for this semester. Hopefully I smash it, if not - spring school it is :(
    I'll be honest with you, the thought had not crossed my mind. But i believe it to be false.

    You < Pace.
    Meh. It wouldnt be hard. I could do it with my eyes closed.

    It all boils down to Row>Leach tbh.
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