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  • No problems Wona. Unfortunately some people get on BF and have no idea about the history of our club. Can't let them get away with it!! :-)
    Nice post just then - got to say he deserved the smackdown too!

    Hopefully I'll see you at a Fitzroy FC game some day - whenever I make it to Melbourne again anyway...
    New web site is a ripper and I regularly have a look. I also am a member so keen to see them do well!! AFL games are best watched on TV........I have no interest in them anymore since the Roys left.
    Its great to be alive when i see a thread like this,do you keep up with the new web site?
    i think its a beauty myself.
    Love to be able to still go to a game in melbourne as brissy dont get down here much and then play at skilled and all the bloody night matchs now days.

    I dont go out of my way to watch all the a f l games i only catch a few here and there.
    All we can do is make sure that people don't forget that Fitzroy still exist. Most of the negative comments come from "young" kids who do not remember the Roys. We do have alot of the older BF members from other clubs saying very positive things.
    Champion,Fritz oops Fitz.
    I see some nasty coments as to why there is a board still listed here and wonder if they know whats going on in there own town or God forbid weather anyone reads a paper geeeeeez
    G'day Red, yep I follow the new "Roys" in the VAFA......anything related to Fitzroy is good enough for me!!
    G'day roy fitz'
    That reminds me of the old saying,it may fitz roy but it don't fit me.
    Do you follow the redsin the v a f a
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