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  • Ahhhh... bloody upgrades! I think I've accidentally removed you from the wrestling board.
    Sorry, man. I thought they'd talked with you. Just reapplied mod privileges for the Wrestling board. Welcome back!
    Didn't know you were stepping down, mate. Best of luck!
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    Sorry for the late reply, cheers Doss :)

    Shame stepping down for North Board duty when you guys have got a really good crew on board, obviously considering the year you've had and the way you've handled it all has been a fair effort.
    Thanks mate, it's been interesting at times! You guys did a sterling job on the North board too- oh and let me know if that knob bomber poster keeps bothering you, I'll gladly slap him.
    Thanks mate! Even found some time to crack thru most of Max Payne so maybe all isn't lost!! Hahaha I have stuck it to Brad a fair bit, but I really think he's in strife. Gameplan not looking good hey
    yeah it is apparently. I didn't play 2 unfortunately but heard good things. This one is much less buggy and the gameplay is awesome. I have heard some say it didn't quite have the fun factor of 2, but if that's the case 2 must have been the funnest thing ever invented! ;)
    hey mate! Not much, babby due date is this Friday so sitting tight! Haven't been playing anything lately, I did just finish off Saints Row 3 which I loved. Can't wait for ACIII (!!drools!!) and Hitman. You?
    yeah Rev was actually a bit boring tbh, I thought it would be a lot better. No side missions at all. Not wrong on the RDR setting!! Mad.
    Hey mate, was wondering if we are allowed to post downloadable links to matches from the Indy scene on the Wrestling Board? Thanks
    Hey mate,

    I thought I already sent them to you, but just checked and I did a typo with your email!!! Massive apoligies, hope you don't think I'm an arse or anything. lol.

    Anways, I sent them again. Let me know if there's any issues.

    All good mate, you got a PM from me as well. See who explained it better :)
    I'll get it done at some point today. You'll get a Pm outlining all the new stuff. Make sure you check into the mod board too.
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