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  • Pwning little kiddies in the GD about Metal is fun. lulz.

    Keeping fighting the mainstream hypocrisy dude! :thumbsu:
    Altar Of Plagues - White Tomb is worth a look.As is both of Pathosray's albums
    I thought Formation Of Damnation pretty much sucked..and i actually bought it.It impresses non metal-heads though,it is listenable,as most thrash is
    You and your thrashy mates...ganging up on a poor lil' doom head like me.For shame...
    Can I please ask you why you consider yourself the dreamteam "Messiah" and feel the need to give everybody advice when you are ranked 13,000+ and have not won a game in our league against amateurs?

    Everybody dont believe a word this guy says hes a noob
    Everyone did shit. When you go into the scores, i only look at the people i think are good DTers, and they all did rubbish. I got 1890ish. Ive got cash to trade skippy to riewoldt or someone though. Cash cows are going good too, so im confident that in 10 rounds time ill be back up there.
    I almost brought up Karnivool in that new rock thread, but then I got caught up looking for information about their new album. It's been far too bloody long. :mad:

    Heard some of their new stuff live and it was good.
    I dont know what simmonds looked like, because i didnt see him all game????? lol. I just want pav to get a tonne already. Really frustrating to be honest. I think deledio has taken that next step - i thought he was ordinary in rounds 1 and 3, yet he still managed to pull 85s. Another day that could of been 60. Wanna swap with me for pav?????
    Simmonds is a spud. If he doesnt get a tonne against the demons then he will have me knocking on his door. I mean, even brogan got 96? :p My forwards really let me down this week - pav, cloke, goodwin mainly.
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