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  • I believe its official that my hattrick team is now greater than yours and therefore the best in all of BigFooty land.
    sainter, I was thinking of you today......first saints supporter I thought of! Did you go today? Going next week? It's been a while....
    Hi Sainter, being a novice I just posted a new thread to the players board, as that was were I was at, could you please take it from there and put it on our discussion board. I sent a similar message to Kildonan, but he still might be in a different time zone with his honeymoon etc. All the best and keep up the good work.
    hey man hows things goin?
    sure you've had enough of whingy ass pie fans like me seriously over em.
    time to just let things be everyone is happy so yeah whats the big deal.?
    im sure you agree its become more then it really should of become
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