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  • Cut Throat draft is underway mate and you are up. I do not think the tags worked in the draft thread hence the message. ;)
    Haha well my avatar is tiny and my sig is only 35 characters so there isn't too much room for anything
    Yay :) hehe. Just jump over and confirm your in. Great to have you back champ
    Hey mate.

    Just got the one spot left for SCE, which is yours if you want. Keen?
    It is not a season of SuperCoach with sblackforbrownlow doing the rounds.
    We are 5 short. Would be happy to have you in Divi 2 if you were keen. Wouldn't be the same SCE without ya! haha.
    hey just thought you mite be interested in helping with this site i know its shit at the moment but it will get a lot better and we have Warnie from DT talk helping out. thanks! can chat on there any time!
    Hey dude, noticed your post last night in regards to Dexter - but forgot to reply. Have you heard of or I get my tv shows from there, they usually come out early arvo our time. Thought might come in handy for you
    So that's what a PSD is meant to look like! Love your work mate.

    I'll get stuck into the Northwest now, should be pretty simple from here on out!

    How big have you made the team logos?
    Yeah pop it up and see what people reckon. Can always regrab the pic off wiki I spose, looks like it's filled on there.

    Drop shadow makes a few of them look heaps better! I'll have to play around some more tomorrow.
    Oh yeah that looks infinitely better. I'd go with the colour on the Hawks, and I think it's there on the beak and the fill for the spots on the wings. Either that or put another drop shadow in to see how it looks.
    Like it a lot! Definitely the centered divi name is a winner, and the heading text looks mint. Is it possible to get some shadow under the logos too? Like the Magic one stands out well on its own, but the Heat could benefit from it.
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