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    Lachie Hunter signs 5 year deal

    I celebrated this news with an underground handpass.
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    General motorsport news thread

    Anyone else watching Drive to Survive on Netflix? Nothing earth-shattering but worth watching for the Danny Ric/Horner/Abiteboul drama alone. And it certainly seems from the series DR knew he was leaving Red Bull from the start of the season. Also Guenther Steiner comes across as bit of lege.
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    Women's Footy AFLW General Discussion

    Katie Brennan can kick further than Jack Macrae. Guaranteed.
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    General cycling news and discussion

    On second thought, I agree. We should all aim to be either Daddy Blood-bag or tell our hypothetical children not to participate in sport. Everything else is emotional manipulation.
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    General cycling news and discussion

    I'm sorry guys - I guess I'm going to be the one to take the bait. The astronomical achievement of making it to start line of a heat of an Olympics event let alone getting 4th place, requires a truly unmeasurable and unsurpassed level of dedication, discipline and perseverance. The idea that...
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    How can a club like ours win in the current environment?

    Not going to lie, have lingered in the living room for a bit too long the last two nights when its been on. Thinking about even possibly siting down from the start tomorrow. God help my mortal soul.
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    No Opposition Supporters Non Bulldog Footy Talk - Bulldogs only - Part 3

    Last GF? Has he played in more than one?
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    Damien Barrett is at it again

    It was post the Talia Affair. Numerous unconfirmed reports say that Bevo told Barrett his reporting was a crock of shit and Talia's camp was using him as glorified PR (they were).
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    Training 2019 preseason

    Bevo had to be watching tonight rock hard with Easton spending so much time up forward.
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    Best player of the modern era?

    Don't know what exactly that proves. Black and Goodes would have had way more Brownlow votes than him over that stretch (from memory he was rubbed once or twice so was ineligible anyway). Keith Griegg had two Brownlows, Leigh Matthews had none. Who was considered the better player of their era...
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    Best player of the modern era?

    Judd's 01 - 06. Different level to everyone else.
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    Prediction Who will be the best Bailey?

    Forget Bailey, Williams will be the best Williams to play AFL/VFL. Move aside Zac, Paul, Greg, Mark and Marley.
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    Grand Slam Australian Open - Day 6

    I feel Pouille might play with some freedom knowing he got out of jail tonight. Pouille has the much bigger game imo. Coric is very consistent and solid at his best though.
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    Grand Slam Australian Open - Day 6

    Pouille has 21 outright forehand groundstroke winners tonight = Pouille has no weapons apparently.
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    Grand Slam Australian Open - Day 6

    Kid is spent. You can see it in his footwork.
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