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  • Hey bud, reading between the lines it seems you haven't had the best time the last couple years. Hope you're in a better place.
    Sure sure and of course your reappearance has nothing to do with Port's resurgence :/

    Nah good to have you back.
    Don't be dissen "Little Boxes." :D Quality track from tv show Weeds. By the way, to avoid confusion, I was Pawtucket Patriot, but changed my name.
    haha didn't mean to come off as a douche. Been listening to hip hop pretty exclusively for a while now so doubt I have too much to offer anyway :D
    Yeah, fairly sure would've got a lot more than 80 bucks that I got for it about 9/10 years ago but times were tough. Had a look earlier what that Filosofem Gatefold goes for at the auctions and its around 400us :eek:
    I used to have a Mortiis record from the early 90's that had all sorts of goodies in it but sold it awhile ago. Probably not as much into Black Metal now but I used to love stuff like Burzum, Darkthrone,Marduk and Absu.
    Ta man, its a double gatefold, fourth side has some sort of sea monster etching on it.
    I'm glad Lamb of God are supporting them. :D

    That's in your opinion, that they wouldn't be in the 1000 top Metal bands.
    Do you think I hate Metallica like others?

    If you had said Megadeth, you'd be on the money, I cannot stand Dave Mustaine dude. :eek: :p

    I am seeing Metallica on the 18th of November. :p
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