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    Cricket Australia Contracts 2017/8

    I don't know why anyone would choose playing for a franchise over your own country, personally I think it a disgrace.
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    Cricket Australia Contracts 2017/8

    This has become quite messy hasn't it, whereas the players do deserve good salaries but they shouldn't be the ones dictatino terms, so, I guess all these t20 franchises all over the world have made the players feel that they can dictate terms now, it's sad when such a standoff occurs.
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    Afghanistan and Ireland gain test status

    This is great news for the teams involved, this should have happened much earlier but the current BCCI regime was particularly resistant to new teams joining in, they didn't even want to their involvement in the world cup. but now having the newer teams play each other is very good, it means...
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    Champions Trophy Tournament 2017, 1-18 June.

    I think everyone should play everyone once in a round Robin game first up and then the top 4 teams qualify, at least you know you have the best 4 teams going forward.
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    Family & Relationships Your most embarrassing moment

    Oh God, how embarrasing.
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    Society & Culture Things you do/did that you probably think no one else does

    Have a little jig in the lift if I'm by myself, lol.
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    TV Supergirl

    I want to watch a few episodes of this to give it a chance.
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    Champions Trophy Tournament 2017, 1-18 June.

    Exactly my point, not as organised as shield cricket but yet they can still produce players for international cricket, I wonder what would happen if they did have a good setup like Australia do, they would be producing them by the bucket load.
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    Health Depression

    What a wonderful story, despite taking longer than expected to complete their degree they are now in a much happier place, so there is light ato the end of the tunnel.
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    Champions Trophy Tournament 2017, 1-18 June.

    Congrats to both teams reaching the final and congrats to Pakistan on winning the trophy, I seen pics and videos on the internet and the cricketers went back to a huge ovation, everyone seems to have turned up in droves to congratulate Pakistani cricketers. Despite not having any sort of...
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    Things that are considered "rude" but shouldn't be

    People who instigates arguments but get upset when you stand up to them.
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    Champions Trophy Tournament 2017, 1-18 June.

    And they had more days rest than pakistan but no everything is unfair.
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    Travel Best/Worst cities you have been to?

    I love travelling, can only say I have not disliked any place. There is goodness to be found anywhere if you are willing you look for it. I loved: Marakesh, Paris, Abu Dhabi, Rome, London, New York. All something different but great to offer.
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    Cars & Transportation People who never get a driving licence

    I got mines quite late on, maybe because I have a train station right outside my house and take me anywhere in want, was almost like a taxi service
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    Things that are considered "rude" but shouldn't be

    Anything australian is rude *cough*