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  • Hi Scotty

    I am a WA based member and I was just wondering when Andrew Swallow and Daniel Wells will be coming to Perth for the clinic and what time. I lost the info.


    Hi Scotty
    I will give you a call during the week and you can tell me all about it. Going by your posts club did SFA during and after the game. I will get in contact with Jill Harris during the week to follow up on getting Daniel on your radio show
    scottywiper, myself and a north mate of mine are both looking for a night series game played on 28/2/87 at vfl park between north melb v hawthorn, any chance that you have that in your collection at all?
    Hey Scotty, any word on plans for the Perth game? Have you heard from the club on travel plans so you can lock in a function?
    I am currently overseas. Is the show still running? If so can you please give me the link where I can download it? Cheers Joe
    Great Show and interview with Roogene. Does your other show host go on Bigfooty? Anywhere I can download the whole show for free? Do you have msn? Would like to talk to more in depth about the NMFC football club? Once again, Great Show and I will be listening in more often now. Didnt the show used to be on Sport927 in Melbourne , Wednesday around 10:30? Thanks
    Thanks for the tip on the kids clinic
    I will PM you as it gets closer so I know how to find you

    BTW your PM box is full
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