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  • Oi, it's Tom from IJL, I just realised who this is :tearsofjoy:
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    Well I doubt our paths have crossed on here before to be fair haha. I usually stick to the Collingwood forum AND I've only posted a handful of times in the past 5 years haha
    I am friending you based soley on the awesomeness of your avatar. Your posting is OK too.
    Legends Membership guarantees a ticket if the Pies make the GF.

    I got 18 home games, the Sydney and Perth games and the guaranteed GF seat.
    As well the Legends and Captains Cocktail Party which is on tomorrow night (Opti is going instead as I can't make it) and a few other functions ec.
    Got to the Anzac, Carlton games...I'm a afraid to go to any more...LOL.
    Was planning the Hawks game next wee, but will make it the Carltoon game instead to hopefully watch some revenge.
    I am saving my pennies for a at least a couple of finals hopefully.
    Plus...if we can make it... I have guaranteed GF tickets.
    Longest I've gone without visiting the boards (lately) it probably 2 weeks. I'm not going anywhere, especially with the draft coming up soon enough ;)

    Things are going ok, cheers. Hope it's all going well for you.
    Good news, Scruff. And what a hilarious idea - a health-update thread. People will be posting about their hangovers...... Good luck with your recovery. It'll take time.
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