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May 25, 2017 at 11:02 PM
    1. sabre_ac
      Hey mate,

      I noticed the Freo vs WB game thread was closed, is there now a time limit on how long these threads are open? (Sorry if there is already a post on this protocol).

      Lately i've had to watch games delayed, so I don't get a chance to comment until up to 24 hours later.
    2. Yianni
      Hello mate,

      I'm a North supporter, but also a comedian. I'm doing a show at Perth Fringe and was wondering if I could post something about it on the Freo board? I'm happy to offer discounted tickets for any Bigfooty people.

      I just wasn't sure of the etiquette so I thought I'd ask a mod first.

      Any help appreciated. Thanks.

      1. Seppo
        Feel free to post it in our sub forum "Purple Horde". Don't like none Freo stuff on our board. You could also try the humour board.
        Jan 17, 2015
    3. more_of_bito
      Hi Seppo , am on a plane tomorrow for the draft, can you put me down for Mora (again for a fourth year). Sheridan, Smith back ups . Cheers
    4. Shadow Man
      Shadow Man
      Hey there Seppo, I'm currently overseas with work and will be traveling between countries during my round selection. In my absence could you please put me down for the last man drafted, 44-Jacob Ballad?

      Many thanks & hoping we have another cracker of a season.


      Shadow Man
    5. FreoRicci
      Hey mate.. I 'll be away for majority of tomorrow and NYE so would like to put in my nominations for buddy draw:
      1- Pav
      2- Suban
      3- Clarke
      4- Sylvia
      5- Barlow

      1 obviously being Best Preference to 5 - Least Preferred.

      Thanks Seppo and cheers for the amazing work this season!
      1. Seppo likes this.
    6. basashi
      Grave injustice! I drew with wigarus to win the bigfooty freo board tipping comp for 2013. He got a medal and I did not! What can be done?
    7. greatgatsby
      John - I'll be away for the buddy draw. Happy with any of Apeness, Croz, Ballard, Spurr or Taberner. Cheers
      1. Seppo likes this.
    8. Stazzaz
      Hey Seppo, I noticed you're a Moderator and you would know a lot about this website so could you please just confirm my problem? I have posted 20+ messages on several threads and have been registered on Bigfooty for more than 5 days well to be correct since Wednesday so unless I am wrong I should be able to start a new thread please read through this message again and reply ASAP.

      Cheers Stazzaz
      1. Seppo
        Looking into it for you with the site Admin. You can also inquire on the help and feedback board.
        Oct 8, 2013
    9. Bakez33
      Hey Seppo, have had a couple of people with the idea of getting as many Freo fans as possible to meet up in Fed Square before marching to the MCG as 1, thought i would let u know as ur probably the best person to organise it, or know some1 that can. GO FREO!!!!
    10. dymot
      Hey mate when Iv finish the thread tonight ot tomorrow sometime is it possible for you to lock and then sticky another one which solely has the info in it then people can read it without things getting confused in/with the discussion one? Let me know cheers Dymot.
    11. Dormammu
      Hi Seppo, any thoughts on the pre-GF get-together? I'm meeting up with a few mates and need to agree some dates etc. Thanks comrade!
      1. basashi likes this.
    12. Freo2012
      Hi Seppo - it was discussed a few months ago - anything on possibility of bringing back the Drum for the GF? I noticed Richmond were allowed their little ones at this weekends final.
    13. Torin
      Hey there. How do I set a signature on the forum? I can't seem to find the page :P
      1. Seppo
        Under your profile tab up the top left you should see the second option as 'signature'. You get more room if you are have a BigFooty membership.
        May 13, 2013
    14. Rubix WingMan
      Rubix WingMan
      Heya mate, any tips on how you made that great picture?
    15. Freodoc
      So where exactly is the London Seppo
      1. Seppo
        It's on Lennox st in Richmond. It's a 15min walk from the G. The website was posted in the 'Anyway traveling' thread.
        Sep 8, 2012
    16. grizzlym
      Ok, mate you're in blue. I'll catch up with you in the next few days.
      1. Seppo
        Thanks Grizzle.
        Aug 20, 2012
    17. martorius
      hey seppo, just noticed your post about the grudgematch... i've played almost every one of those, so i must have met you. who are you??
    18. grizzlym
      You're blue.
    19. jedi mind tricks
      jedi mind tricks
      Hi Seppo just wondering how will I know what my BF Buddy is? This is the first time I have taken part in it and wasn't sure if you notifiy me or something.

      Cheers JMT
    20. lint
      hey mate please add me a pick on the freo buddy draft. cheers. what number pick would that be?
    21. Arcassius
      I'd grab a beer with you but I have $10 to my name at the moment :)
    22. Arcassius
      when are you back in perth?
    23. Scootyb
      yesssss Seppo, adopting the Chris laces nickname. Shit it's frustrating, im all for supporting our players but surely he's a troll!
    24. Seppo
      Nah scootyb, CBF getting Ross to reset the stats. I only played 25 games or so and is a good thing I had some of the earlier floggings wiped and reset. I have earnt most of the badges back as well and I haven't quit a game yet so I have a 100% rating at the moment.
    25. Scootyb
      Seppo did you ever get your stats restored on AFL live? Had the same thing happen to me and i was 3rd overall with 45 consective haha
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