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  • Mate, thanks for all your time and efforts. I've applied your 5 year platinum and x-mod status. look me up if you want back in at any time. Grizz
    I still have nothing better to do then create bigfooty accounts and post stupid non-sense under the illusion that people care, and whilst it takes me all the time to set up the accounts all my posts are gone within minutes, but i still don't realise that I am a waste of time.
    Considering how much of a know it all I am I get my facts wrong a hell of a lot, accuse people of banning or closing threads while they are not online, scarily accurate
    I am a sociopath with a god complex who has the time to start endless bigfooty accounts and post endless drible and then chuck a tanty if I get banned, just letting you know.
    hi ST.. dunno if this is the right place to ask but ill go ahead anyway... Could we make a rule for posting threads on injuries and training? Can we make it mandatory hat a date is put on each thread title so i don't keep getting heart attack every time i see the bloody "players injured at training today" threads.. thanks (delete if in wrong place)
    Jeez, another funny guy. Is there a way for 'Newbie' posters to get limited to 2-3 replies a day (or similar) to stop the comedians from bumping old threads?
    Wave the funky "ban-hammer" white boy.
    Rzbuggera (bugaluga) is going to town on our board.

    How can we rid ourselves of this pest?

    Can the board just put him on "Global Ignore" once he shows himself?
    First off, congrats on yr godlike mod status....Nice job.

    Now to business....Is it possible that we could sticky a Pies trade thread as this time of year the boards just get clogged up with useless threads generated which fall by the wayside within a day. I mean probably the deserve to just die a quick death but IMO it would just make sense to have 1 thread dedicated to trades and drafting information.


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