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  • Hi, you asked for some great Jesaulenko and Crosswell moments. Sorry about the quality - you can read the story of how they came into my possession and where they are now in the notes.
    Sin City
    has it occured to you that the time you have been in sydney is the same length of buddy's contract which he probably wont see out. Anyways just some pointless info there.
    Sin City
    Sin City
    You're a detective in real life aren't you AV :D
    haha, i see what you're doing and i like it :D
    Cheers Sin City. I reckon that Casboult guys a goer. I wish he was at tigerland. He scares me a little bit
    As I just said to Toad. I'm following(stalking) you. Except I know you love it... Not sure Toad will mohahahaha
    Haha yea, pretty shithouse. I was waiting for this - you could've called it due about 2 months ago ;)

    PM me your bank details, a bet is a bet.

    Mum's pretty sick and workload is getting to me. I understand where you were coming from in the post but could have been worded better. They do try their best. Come back to the board.
    Mate - thank you. And do not forget, you are an honourary member of our Board. You know that I hate Carlton (apologies to your good self). I have to say that I am somewhat afraid - your boys are in the mix (provided Judd stays on the park). Keep safe in every way
    Yer same here.

    Going to ANZAC day, will be unbelievable.

    Geelong v Hawthorn, another ripper.

    The Carlton game.
    Ahk, need to find out if its a ticketed game.

    Thats good your coming down....I mean up for the game :).

    Shame the game isnt at the MCG.
    Am I serious about what?

    Its just a shame, because I now have to try and extract information from the main board and Bay 13...... needless to say it certainly has changed since I last ventured there.

    So I just log out now, and just read the Carlton board (have so many questions and remarks to make)....
    Not too sure about most courageous (reckon it'll get repetitive fast with the sames names over and over) but best young player sounds good. Criteria? Thinking along the same lines as the Rising Star (with a more lenient games tally).
    Hey mate, just left for a long shift at work...will give it a go tonight after 9 ;)

    I use 'Download Helper' for firefox then just up it to YT
    Cheers mate, we find out about Martin on Monday, expecting the worst though :(. We are just lucky they aren't injuries to our star players.
    Not sure if you got the message I sent you. Thanks for the good wishes, and the same in return mate.
    Thanks for the support and friendship throughout the year mate. Hope 2011 is a cracker for you and your family.
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