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    TV Game of Thrones - season 8

    Thrones 360 was shit. For a recap show of the first 2 seasons I can't believe how much they missed.
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    Kick the game winning and Premiership deciding goal, or win the Brownlow Medal?

    Hunter was my favorite player during our 06 flag years. Every time we looked down and out in a game, Hunter was pushed forward, he would take a couple of screamers and kick a couple of goals. The guy is a legend. Gotta feel for Priddis though, he busted his ass for the team and although he got...
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    Kick the game winning and Premiership deciding goal, or win the Brownlow Medal?

    Premiership goal for sure. I practiced that kick over and over as a kid, I never once practiced my Brownlow acceptance speech.
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    Liam Ryan’s mark

    I nearly had a stroke when he dropped that mark. If Collingwood had stolen the game because of that it would be remembered as the biggest f*** up in Grand Final history.
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    Liam Ryan’s mark

    That whole passage of play was unreal. It will live in the hearts of us West Coast fans forever. But you are right. I think Ryan's mark, along with a whole plethora of other awesome moments in that game will always be overshadowed by Sheed's goal.
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    Dustin Martin's battle with depression and Anxiety

    Considering Dusty accomplished pretty much everything you can in the game in the space of 12 months, you can't blame him for feeling a bit flat afterwards. What do you have to work for when you have already achieved everything? It must feel a bit hollow.
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    Banter Random Discussion Thread 139- Slippery Slopes

    Both. David Swallow for British PM Theresa May for GC Suns captain. It might not solve all the issues but it would be a step in the right direction.
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    List Mgmt. Sheppard signs on for 3 more years

    What a time to be alive:)
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    Side that fails to deliver in 2019?

    Melbourne. Given the amount of hype and expectation surrounding them in the off-season, you could say missing the top 4 would considered a 'failure to deliver'
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    Marvel Stadium

    DC. Please don't get us sued..
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    Gaff’s contract extension. Eagle for life?

    There's a similar story in the Herald Sun today that mentions Gaff is signed until the end of 2024.
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    Dom Sheed 'on the verge of greatness'

    If he keeps up his form from the JLT series then why not? He's every chance to be a bonafide A-grader this year. Even if he doesn't, we'll always have the memory of that wonderful GF winning kick.
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    TV Game of Thrones - season 8

    It's tinfoil to the max. But looking at tinfoil theories is all I've done in the 18 months since season 7 finished.
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    Sam Kerr No. 1 ticket holder

    Imagine Sam playing for the Eagles AFLW team next year. She'd be the best player in the comp and wouldn't even need to use her hands:thumbsu: It's nice to dream.
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    TV Game of Thrones - season 8

    Gillys son was supposed to be sacrificed to the White Walkers like rest of Crasters sons. When Sam and Gilly didnt give up her baby the Night King started to march his army south, not because he wanted to kill everyone, but because he only wants what was promised to him. There are a bunch of...
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