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  • Hi Skeetz how's the recruiting going just wondering what level player we're up to?
    Last i heard we were about $350 short of Dids - i reckon i can find a little more if needed to get us there!
    Hey Skeetz, are you doing the Buddy Board this year? It's probably not fair to ask you, with your Sponsorship work, but you organise these things so well.
    Hi Skeetz - i'm lozza, hoping to be inducted into the group to help out with a little coin' regards lozza
    Go PIES '10
    Skeetz, I'm here with Hell. It was her idea to open this thread, and she's just looking at the board and is well pleased.
    I would, if I didn't have to pay on the internet. If I could just go down to the BF shop and pay over my money, without threat of cyber-scamming or identification fraud, I'd be happy. Until that day, you'll just have to imagine Anthony in his full-sized glory.
    Those avatars are getting better all the time Skeetz. I wish I'd taken advantage of the get-a-big-avatar opportunity over the off-season, but it took me so long to get Rocca reduced in size and posted that I couldn't bear the thought of doing it all over again.
    hahah no it's "Michigan J Frog" from the old Warner Brothers cartoons.
    A construction worker finds a box at a site he is working on. He takes the box home and opens it, and this frog jumps out and starts singing "Michigan Rag". The worker is like "WTF???". The frog can sing all these old classic songs!!. So he rents out a theatre, and advertises the singing frog. Opening night...hundreds of people in the theatre...curtains go up....frog floats onto the stage holding an umbrella....ribbit...
    The bloke is like "No seriously!!! The frog can sing and dance and everything!!!" . "Ribbit". Nope.
    The frog will never sing or dance in front of anyone but the construction worker who found him.
    Hey Skeetz, haven't you got a new avatar yet? If you're stuck, go to the Hotness thread in the Nest - you'll have to revive it - and pinch a photo of your favourite player.
    An enigmatic addition to my avatar collection, Skeetz, in your question mark. What does it all mean? Or is that the question?
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