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  • You still writing about Alex
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    I certainly am. In the past couple of weeks I've been doing some further research. Unfortunately, I'm away from home for the next three weeks, working on another, unrelated project. Have we corresponded previously about Alex? I'm hopeless with names. Send me a further message with more details about your interest in or knowledge of him, if you wish. I'm definitely interested.


    Greg Dobson
    I'll chat here or skype or whatever
    Mountain Goat, the Double Hightale or Hightail Ale, think it is ale Ale, is wicked Skilts. Get some of it. Used to go to the open bar nights, well, not imnplying free, had to by the pot, at the Brewery in its second year in Abbotsford 100 metres from CUB. Irony.

    Think they started down your way, they were from some centre in Gippsland, I think. And I thought you are down that way.

    This is my retail shop I patronise in St Kilda.

    It is hightail <spelling tail>.
    Hey Skilts, top post on the "take care of our own" thread mate, and yes, 'hidebound literalist' was an apt description of the character who responded!

    Anyone who enjoys a shot of sarcasm, and can accomplish it with sufficient skill and sophistication, always rates well with me ;)


    Hi..just touching base...I understand your a friend of Mobbenfuhrer.....I sent him an email recently and he has not replied....just wondering if you make contact with him...let him know he has mail at bigfooty.....thanks....i read in one of his old posts he had some old footscray photos...i'm very interested to learn more....thanks
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