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  • Hey mate
    how much ,if you dont mind me asking, did you get the tickets from the west coast for?
    its that time of the year again when we have to suffer through four quarters of error prone football between swans and hawks are you going sunday
    Mate, I love your avatar. Such an awesome movie.

    But seriously, you just can't beat last weekend, eh? :D
    wahhaha, mate I'm in how hawthorn are so good and I'm overseas... I was on the piss with a whole lot of Koreans who decided to adopt Hawthorn for the day. Drank a lot of soju and woke up with a very very sore head.... I'm gonna have to buy the DVD too! HOpefully they ship overseas.
    I wish I had the talent of oogac...I just knocked that up in paint, took 5 minutes. Maybe we should get oogac to pimp it up a bit!!
    Nah mate - although I'm a lock for the Footscray game.

    Reckon you'll have a ripping time with flyby, haven't had the pleasure of meeting him, but he is one of the most footy knowledgeable blokes going around.
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