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  • yep, weve had a vacancy, Geelong is the only team currently available. they have plenty of players worth trading for.
    finished uni last week so just sittin around doin nothin really. pretty boring will have to get a job soon
    For some bizarre reason I thought I wasn't after fightingfury. I read his post 15 minutes ago! my bad
    Thanks mate, I've been making a few others in the Footy Jumpers & Fotoshops board.
    Sorry mate, I didnt see this till now.

    I dont know that TDL fled the Junta and if they did it would be hard to guess which flag as nationality to the Burmese can mean different things to us, So unless I knew the family better I wouldn't know what flag would fit for the family best... nor am I total expert on there history either.
    Hey, I uploaded my video to Youtube and got an email saying that the music may be copyrighted by WMG (which it is).

    What should I do!
    Hey, mate.

    How do you get the videos from bigpond? Whenever I try to screen capture them the sound goes all wierd.

    Tried to send this in a PM but your inbox is full!

    Hey Mate

    The geelong gumbies are very interested in having you play for our club in season 2010.

    Your a quality poster who has been on big footy for quite a while and thats exactly what our club is looking for - Players who we know visit the forums frequently.

    We can fit you into any position you would like if it means getting you to our club.

    We hope to hear from you soon and hope to see you at the Gumbies in 2010.


    Geelong Gumbies Vice Captain and Recruitment officer :)
    yeah im still in, no one has given the an offer i want as yet. I tend to keep all of my blue chip players as well
    Hey South,

    The BigCricket fantasy league has recommenced, we're 2-0 in the one-dayers and we're in our first test against the Cheetahs.

    Get on over there if you're still interested or let me know if you no longer want to play.

    Thanks mate. :thumbsu:
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