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    I'll enter if we do the second one. It's a refreshing take on the concept.
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    Workshop State League Designs/Discussion

    East Fremantle look to be sporting a new home jumper on the far left. Hopefully it has a blue back so they don't clash with Souths as much.
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    News New Jumpers For 2019 - All Changes In OP

    Very disappointing, hasn't been done in a somewhat tasteful way either, just a shameless cash grab from the Bulldogs. I'm just hoping we don't see anymore. Having it in AFLW is one thing, but a competition with actual history and tradition is a whole other kettle of fish.
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    Portfolio AFL X NBL

    This has been great so far. Top effort.
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    Portfolio _Damo_'s work of 2019

    Well well looks like I'll be changing my logo now lol
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    Portfolio _Damo_'s work of 2019

    Lol is that my personal brand logo? Or did I subconsciously copy this.
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    Discussion Random Chat Megathread Mk II

    The last two games when the players started to get competitive I found it relatively entertaining. It's nowhere near the standard of actual footy but it was still a reasonable product to watch. Not a disaster in my book, hopefully they just keep improving the format in the future.
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    Portfolio Alternate Retro Bathurst 1000 Crossover to AFL

    F1 > Supercars but still like what you've done so far.
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    Remember buying the book at a swap meet a few years ago and wondering what the weird Collingwood sponsor was haha. Glad to help out, surprised I was able to recall such an obscure item.
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    From Glen Jakovich's autobiography. Don't know if this helps or not.
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    Actually, hold up. I might be able to help with the Viatel logo.
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    Your upcoming gigs

    If anyone is going to Pond's show in Perth on March 3rd PM me.
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    News AFLW New Women's Jumpers for 2019

    Yes but it's still of interest because the men's side will be wearing the bounding roo this year as their away jumper rather than the jumper the women were wearing last night.
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    News AFLW New Women's Jumpers for 2019

    So North are wearing white with blue stripes now unlike the men who have the opposite. Interesting.
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