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  • AHAHA I saw some chocolate the other day that made me close to puking. Chocolate Cottage Cheese would be the best example!:eek:

    Might have to take that into consideration though.;)
    i hear the dark chocolate is quite nice....:p sample as many as you can.. chocolat around the world has its own distinctive flavour :D
    HAHA Lol. Still here, now in Los Angeles. Has been fantastic so far.

    Might've had a few samplers...;)
    Gonna be amazing, that's for sure, my first time in the States.

    Definitely would be awesome for some different take on the GoW mythology that they've built for themselves. There's even stuff that suggests we could go modern for a future game (based on GoW2 - I think it is - extra video sections showing off Cronos' dead body and heli's checking it out with the narrator saying that the next hero need not come from Kratos' time or something like that).

    And now Santa Monica saying more Kratos isn't out of the question.

    But a full on story with Hercules going through him being a child/teen/adult and then culminating in his meeting with Kratos' in GoW3 would be amazing.

    And as you said the greek mythology has so much range that they could pick anyone and it'd be an awesome game. There's also plenty of room to move without it being repetitive either.
    Oh damn I wish. I'm actually going to Cali too, might have to get the 'tour' and tell them a thing or two.;)

    I do want more Kratos though, although Hercules played by Kevin Sorbo is full of win.

    But I'm going for a holiday, 1 whole month too. Going to NY, Cali, Hawaii and New Orleans.

    I was thinking this would be another opportunity where you weren't on and by the time you got back on (probably tomorrow morning) it would've been all sold out.

    Glad to see you will finally get the UTE. After how amazing GoW3 was I would be getting the Edition as well if I weren't having to spend it on my trip to the USA next week.:(
    The thing I'm more pissed about that anything is that last time they had the UTE's for sale they said it was the last in Aus. Now suddenly they have more. Hopefully they can have one more sale right before Thursday.
    Oh man, I am so sorry I didn't check EB's twitter yesterday.

    They had 42 God of War 3 Ultimate Trilogy Editions for sale from 10am today. They sold out 8 hours ago.:(

    I am pissed I missed out looking at their twitter as I try and make it a point to check as often as possible and the one day I don't check is the day I could've got you a UTE.:(

    I don't think there'll be more for sale now, but I'll check up each day just in case. So sorry I didn't check.

    I'll keep on the lookout in case any pop up.
    lol, bummer. Just have to hope to hell that somehow, some way there might be some more go on sale.
    OMG>>> thanks heaps anyway HB.. unfortunately i didn't check i was doing a job for my bloody father in law... FFS..
    Nope, I put it up on the GoW3 thread in the hope you'd have checked by now. They sold out just a couple of hours ago unfortunately.
    Didn't you get on in time to catch the 70 EB were selling online today?

    I was close to ordering one myself, but I held out only because I need the money for other games.
    And we want the Irish stuff back too, Spartan! I'd like to have seen the Irish forests that the Brits plundered to build their great houses and monuments for a start. But must try to forgive, I suppose.

    We were in Santorini on our honeymoon - fabulous place I'd love to see your shots.
    Hey Spartan, I posted a photo for you in Mars' Art thread in the nest. Something plundered from the Greeks and now in the Brit Museum.
    hows everything man??
    i think the ban finished a few days ago :D
    the diet... i started it but ive been on holidays since new years and just came back home today... so i need to start it again :eek:
    You have to link to the url for your photo on photobucket, BigFooty doesn't allow you to post attachments and have them hosted on the site. - TRS
    Hey Spartan, surely that's you in today's Age article by John Harms - the one about the Pies supporter of Greek extraction and elevated reading habits? If it's not, read it and meet your soul mate.
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