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    No Oppo Supporters Non Bulldog Footy Talk - Bulldogs only - Part 3

    To quote David Attenborough "the mighty hunter of the jungle prepares for the hunt, collecting the bait he needs to decorate the trap in order to snare his pray, the elusive school girl"
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    Autopsy Embarrassing Dogs smashed by Collingwood

    The club needs to give JJ some "harden the F*** up pills" as clubs have worked out that he's scared of his own shadow and doesn't provide anything in the backline unless there's no one around, maybe time to put him on the wing and let him start near the boundary line where he has 100m of free...
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    Preview Pedigree Bulldogs v CGU Magpies

    Looks like JJ is making sure he keeps his mandated 1.5m distance between others, he's looking even softer than he did last year, scared of his shadow and any physical contact of any sort.
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    2020 - time to trial conferences

    Instead of Conferences why don't we just go full American and ban kicking the ball unless kicking for goal after a touch down, maybe also get players to wear helmets and shoulder padding, and change the ground to square like AFLX......................just leave the game alone, its ran fine for...
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    I take it you've never been to a Plastics home game then, just business as usual for them
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    AFL Round 1, Government confirms no lock-out of fans.

    Locking out fans for the entire season will only benefit the Plastics, its will be like having 22 home games for them
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    Training Intra-club match 29 Feb 2020

    That's a bit harsh, even the witches hats we use for training provide more value than Daniher, at least they get out onto the ground
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    Not Worth A Thread - Random Bulldog Discussion

    Eddie Betts also played last night and Khamis could get a game in the seniors ahead of him, just shows what a joke the glorified AFLX SOO game was.
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    Quaden Bayles

    What has that kid been smoking, don't think its normal weed
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    Live Chat Bushfire All Star Game: Vic Bias vs Combined Minnow States

    Glorified AFLX, shows how bad it is when Betts gets a game, struggled to get a game for Adelaide last season
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    Not Worth A Thread - Random Bulldog Discussion

    Jim Sewell was a very good forward for us, only drawback was that he could only kick on one side and had a turning circle of a Mac truck
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    Not Worth A Thread - Random Bulldog Discussion

    I think we only recruited Rod because we were desperate to get Steve to the club and they came as a package. Rod was offloaded to the bears when they were set up as the VFL told every club that they had to supply a certain number of players to them.
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    Not Worth A Thread - Random Bulldog Discussion

    The dogs are keeping a close eye on his younger brother Ewin and if its like the previous McPherson generation, the younger brother is the better of the two
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    Marsh Series - Round 1 vs North Melbourne

    The two Plastics supporters may come from Rooty Hill so they wanted to save them travel time

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