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  • Hey Spudregus,

    I tried sending you a PM but your inbox is full.
    At the Furies we're selecting jumper numbers for the upcoming season and I was wondering what your preferred number is for the upcoming SFA season.

    The currently taken jumper numbers can be seen here:


    Would you be able to post your preferred number in the Furies thread on the Richmond board or just message me with your ideal number out of those available.

    Please start watching and then posting in the ANTM thread!!! I'm trying my best in there but...
    Azarenka doing well at French Open?

    By the way I changed my name from Pawtucket Patriot to Wahooti Fandango in case you were confused.
    Yes back to the magoos with you!!1 :mad:

    :D Tbh honest my potato looking friend, I had completely forgotten about it until today for some reason. My apologies for not contributing.
    Hey mate,

    I posted a couple of thoughts on the SC Supergroup trading page I wouldn't mind you having a look at if you get the time today. I'll be online all day as I'm finishing an assignment.
    Hey mate,

    Did you get my PM?

    Probably one opening left. Let me know.
    Hey Spud just letting you know that I'll increase my output on SC Supergroup in two weeks when I get back to good reliable internet. As opposed to my iPhone (which died yesterday).
    That's ok by memory there was 13 so invite who u want and hopefully there will be a spot. When it's time to start there will almost defs be another bf group i can join thanks again
    Hey spud_jjj,

    You never got back to a PM I sent you about a week ago, just wondering if you got it, would like to here a response mate.

    Cheers, Stubz
    You interested in joining the Big footy fantasy footy league mate? (The SFA)

    Or do you have a side already? (If so apologies - Unless you would like a move obviously ;))

    Im the captain of the Geelong Gumbies and we are recruiting for next season and id be very interested in your services for next season (Which should get under way in a few weeks).

    If your interested and want to join the Gumbies then please post in our off-season thread....Or let me know via a PM.


    Geelong Gumbies Captain.
    Depends. I see him as 2 people. One of him on radio. The other on T.V. TV him is a attention seeking idiot but on radio is hilarious. Certainly no where near as funny as the man himself, Ari Gold!
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