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    Preview Round 1 2019: Adelaide vs Hawthorn, AO,Saturday 23rd of March 4:35 P.M.

    120 minutes with less rotations x 25 games a season over what could be an 8-12 year career. We have always taken an approach which favours the long-term, as much as I'd like our boys to bulk up I have faith in our system.

    Cam Guthrie

    Just a decent B-grader. Every team needs a few of them.

    JLT2 2019 - Hawthorn v Richmond, UTAS Stadium 7:10pm AEDT 9 March 2019

    If JOM gets a good run at it for the rest of his career, he could very well be in contention for being one of the best handful of midfielders to ever play for our club. Unreal talent.

    Toast Welcome to Hawthorn - Conor Nash - International Rookie

    We need some enforcers for the next generation. Some of our young kids are a bit too nice.

    JLT2 2019 - Hawthorn v Richmond, UTAS Stadium 7:10pm AEDT 9 March 2019

    Scrimshaw looking good value for starting round 1. JOM ready to explode and be the #1 man.

    Game Day JLT 2 - Hawthorn v Richmond

    JOM looking fit and juicy. If he holds up watch out.

    Email gang-up on Kennett

    All I got from this was Cochrane has a small wang.

    Labor wins the state seat of Hawthorn but did he win because of his name ?

    You have access to this wonderful Library of Alexander-esque thing called the internet with almost near limitless potential to educate yourself on a near limitless number of issues/topics. There really is no excuse not to know.

    Rumour Busted Shiel a done deal.

    Gee the Bombers have really fallen on hard times when the only 'victory' they can claim is picking up two players Hawthorn deemed not worthy to wear our colours.
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    Preview Who will finish higher - Melbourne, Essendon, Adelaide or Hawthorn

    If we can just extract working knees and limbs from our spud players and attach them to our O'Meara mkIIs and Scully mKIIIs we will be unstoppable.
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    News Roughead Steps Down from captaincy

    Tucky went alright and he was no Lethal or Hodge in the mongrel department. He was a tough customer just as Smith is without being overly demonstratively physical.
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    List Mgmt. Welcome to Hawthorn - Gippsland/Next Gen Academy players

    Already a bigger unit than Xavier Ellis.
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    News Roughead Steps Down from captaincy

    Give Mitchell/JOM a couple more years to just focus on his footy before handing them the capitancy.
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    The Need for Speed (mind, legs, hands, running)

    Minus the running Sam Mitchell owned in all three areas. His vision was unparalleled. He had some of the best hands and his ability to thread a pass under huge pressure was top level.
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