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  • just got home from my awol mission ffs what a fortnight clanger cheers for all ya help coin wise mate speak to ya later bro BULL
    Originally Posted by noosa hawk mad
    Just curious to know how we are going Money wise Gaz have we reached our target as i have just come into some coin & can help out some more if needed to make up what is required????

    In short Noosa just kicked in a bad persons door and took all their possessions now he has to unload all the gear before he gets nicked.

    Put me down for 2 units 30.23 Lads and Noosa stop hurting people

    You'll make people think I'm some sort of a criminal hehehe............:D
    Happy Birthday Joe for tomorrow mate hope you have a great day champ stay out of trouble ya Mad man your mate Bull....:thumbsu::thumbsu:

    28 my arse???
    I'll find out for ya champ bro's wedding up here in noosa over the weekend

    look out I'll be letting me hair down Boo Ya
    **** the tat guy is about as good an artist as you are a speller he hasn't finished coloring it in yet plus you can still see your 45 sod earing's, mildly impressed with shoulder and back size still nothing on the stard

    Boo Ya The Stard the Man who needs 7 dictionary's to decipher my hill billy code there will be round houses aplenty mate so keep that boof head down........:p:p
    **** me have a look at my back job you must admit you wish it was your Back hey mate it's all right i do understand the envy???:p:p

    "Just remember - when you go to court, you are trusting your fate to 12 people that weren't smart enough to get out of jury duty."
    Ahh been waiting for you champ hope you had a ball looking forward to hearing what mischief you got up to later mate Bull......:D
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