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  • Well TISM remain my all time fav's but it's getting a bit old now... I rarely buy albums, I just buy songs that I like the sound of... some pop songs are OK, but I tend to lean to alternative/heavy stuff. I never jumped on the Kings of Leon bandwagon, that stuff is sh*t... the heaviest I go is Tool
    Yep. Looks like you went in for an arthroscopy like myself. Little clean up.
    It was the brainchild of myself and Ninty, from the qualifying final last year vs the Saints.

    No need to know where it came from...just ride with it my friend :)
    No idea where that bet you mentioned on my page is, find the post, let me know where, and I'll reply.
    congrat's mate

    I enjoyed the game today watching st nick chocking and crying at the end of the game hahah ****ing saints supporters wouldnt kniw the first thing about having champion players in their team.
    Mate, I'm a 1st priority member... full social club member, I'm there.. sitting with Slaughterman... will go OOORRRRFFF!!! We are absolute morals, shades of the best of '07 about us... we'll win by 6-7 goals.
    No probs mate. I voted for ya too. Didn't think it'd be good if I voted for myself, although you can't tell who voted for who.

    Gave my tickets to my cousins. Finals tickets are a little out of my price range, but I'll be there in spirit while watching the GF on the box. Absolutely loved the game last night, especially Presti's delusions of adequacy in the last. Was thinking of creating an alias "Presti2Milburn" in honour of it. haha
    it seems that way. hard not to try and write back when hes making such stupid claims. i thought the best way was to just ignore, and now ive been suckered into replying...
    you guys have the flag in the bag saints are arrogent idiots doggies wont get there and collingwood..... well there collingwood
    hey mate how is the bay treating you??

    still arguing over who won or lost the GF last year

    hahaha i bet theres a lot of saints posters in the bay now?? gonna be funny when there pea hearted team fails once again come choketember for them

    all the best
    Hi Sherr. I did go to the Dogs game, took my son to his first night match... we were a bit off, and losing Gamble then Chappy meant they were going to run out the game better than us... When Johnson took that mark, I was convinced we were going to lose, but wasn't that unhappy with it. Good to see we can soak up real pressure, be dead on our feet and still win, we'll belt Essenscum
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