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    Travel USA travel tips and tricks

    Just did both a month or so ago on a boys trip (mancation) NO is pretty full on , Bourbon street is pretty sleazy and can be quite dodgy . Quite a few prostitutes and pick pockets roam up and down the street . We all got pick pocketed at some stage during our 3 days there . Having said that just...
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    Obscure Songs (YouTube Links Only.)

    Orange Peels Beulah The Minders Guided by Voices (could also get a gig in the power pop thread)
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    heyday of powerpop. 1972-86

    Velvet Crush . pretty much all members of Matty Sweet's backing/studio/touring band . Brendan Benson awesome power pop artist And of course the fountains of wayne must be included on any power pop list
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    Hird postmatch press conference 24/8 [Vid in OP]

    No he didn't, he tried to make out that he hadn't leaked anything cause ASADA asked him not to say anything. Just poor James the victim yet again.
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    of playing the victim card one more time
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    The Age - The Science of Stephen Dank

    something something irony something
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    Travel USA travel tips and tricks

    Noticed a few people have been to New Orleans . Will be there in a few months time with some mates . Staying just off Bourbon St . What are the must see/do things ? Got 3 nights there so any tips on bars etc would be well received .
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    Essendon's win the most pyrrhic of victories?

    Like he 'destroyed' Zac "Spud" Dawson tonight? Such an overrated player.
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    Hird embroiled in drugs scandal..more on the Bombers.

    people do realise the article wasn't written by Caro, but by The Age's two best (walkley-nominated) investigative reporters? that's why it's serious.
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    Roast 3rd Quarter video broken on Bigpond, AFL and Pies site.

    even if it does start working, the video quality resembles the zapruder film. utterly shithouse.
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    Wellbeing manager ?

    A crappy defender?
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    Welcome Welcome to Collingwood Brodie Grundy (pick 18)

    grundy tuesday happy days
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    footy atmosphere

    Yes and like i said it was poorly phrased and lame.
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