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  • Really? Awesome. I love Polvo and such, and bands like that.

    Papertrail. Just a pop rock band. Hence why I don't want to drum for them more regularly.
    I play the drums a bit, but not in a band. I drum with the brothers band occassionally.

    Which band do you play in?
    Ahh yes! My band was meant to headline that night but we pulled out.

    There are/were many inflamed characters on perthbands, do you play in a band or shred an instrument?
    Neither have I. I was a much MALigned figure there. ;)

    Went to the kill teen angst gig last Friday. First gig I've been to in ages because of uni.
    Yeah I dabbled here and there, haven't been on for a while.

    I was at the RTRFM winter music festival last weekend, it was alright. What about yourself?
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