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  • I'm quite happy with my progress up until now, but had a few scares this week with Pods, Enright, Sandi, Hayes all reported, and Hille injured. Luckily it hasn't turned out as bad as I thought with all of the players now cleared to play, and only Hille and Maguire to worry about injury wise.

    My next move will be downgrading Rockliff/Fyfe to TDL or another rookie forward, and then using that money to upgrade Ball to Ablett when the time is right - which will be my final upgrade. Hopefully I can use Lobbe to cover for Hille in the short term, otherwise i'll have to trade him for Cox; which i'd rather not waste a trade on given I only have 6 left.

    All the best mate! :)
    Wow! Very solid looking team there mate. I'd say you'd be well on track to finishing top 2,000-5,000.

    I'm currently ranked 2,552 and have 6 trades left.

    Hodge, Goddard, Enright, Gilbert, Shaw, Waters, Maguire (Webberley/Strijk)

    Swan, Bartel, Hayes, Stanton, Ball, Barlow (Shuey/Banner)

    Sandilands, Hille (Warnock/Lobbe)

    Pavlich, O'Keefe, S. Johnson, Goodes, Brown, Podsiadly, Didak (Rockliff/Fyfe)
    Hahaha! I thought picking Gilbert over Fisher would come back to bite me eventually, but they've performed about the same so far, so i'm happy for now. But as you said, the money saved by choosing Fisher would've been handy. :p

    Nice work with the Silvagni upgrade! How's your overall ranking looking?
    Sorry I had to leave yesterday, my facebook was shitting up so bad haha.
    I'll be on sometime this week but we need to have a full on chat ;D xx
    i know man i miss you heaps, and talking footy!
    DUDE MUMFORD AND KENNEDY ARE LIKE AWESOME PICKUPS! not too sure about Seaby though.. haha. McGlynns altright.

    aahhh shutup you, we have a great list.. just wish we got rid of Griffin!

    Ill tell you more in a sec, ill go on msn ;D
    Not much just BigFooty'n!
    I sure am a Swans supporter, and yes was a typical Sydney - WC rivalry.
    Awesome! Where you going? But its bad dt wise.
    Maybe Tuck.. I dunno but he came back on. Be sure to make an emergency for your mids.
    Umm.. no-one else that I know about :S
    Y00000 you will make the top 500.
    But yeah ffs Pendles.. but oh well about Gibbs he has done well in the first 2 rounds.
    Jolly omg what a champ lol!
    Soo happy with Goddard, what a star.

    Im sooo pumped about Walker and Danger ;D
    OMFG Jonno you absolute champ!! Im doing so s**t, I hope I get to 2100.
    You could even win the weekly prize! But theres like heaps of people who are like aiming for 2400 :eek:!

    GO THE CROWS!! Bad luck about the Swannies eyy :(
    How good is Adcock!!!!!! :D
    Hey man, what did you end up getting last week?
    Not happy the way Pendles is going, should I got Gibbs.

    Anyway, just got home from Melbourne so I didnt have time to do the Bock --> Lockyer trade :(
    OMG did Jolly get that much :eek:!
    Shiitt I should of got Gibbs :( haha. Nice score :thumbsu:
    Im heading for about 1940 or something..
    I HAD IT LIKE 2 WEEKS AGO AND ITS BACK hahaha. Looks like something big is going around, Thomas is out of the Collingwood side and Beams is in :(
    You have Thomas dont you.

    I KNOW WTF TUCK lol. Gayyy but I have Robbo as backup so I hope he does good. Is Robbo your backup?

    Yeah that seems to be the most popular trade going around ATM! I am going to downgrade Raines to either Cheney or Petrenko, whoever keeps there spot and whoever scores better :D

    Heyyy!! I cant go on msn coz im about to go lol but I KNOW FK ADELAIDE!
    Swannies may have a chance.. ill barack for them ;)

    Hows your DT goinnngggggg?

    And yeah im ok thanx, I have the flu. How are you?

    Broughton should play next week :thumbsu: and Petrekno will play.

    WALKER BETTER PLAY BETTER.. and Henchell hasnt always been a big DT scorer.

    Yeah hopefully brown does better. lol
    I hope I go better lol.
    I wanna get into the top 500.
    Hmm im not going to downgrade Raines just yet, I will wait till he gets to around the 300k mark.
    I think Broughton will play next week and either Suban or Hill (I hope so, that will stuff everyone up :p - oh wait do you have him?) will get dropped.

    Nice work buddy :thumbsu: What are you ranked?
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