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    lol! We can go again if you'd like. Melbourne will not finish on 4 wins
    Sorry to say it but: don't you hate it when I am right?

    Nice sig :)
    Im sorry for scaring you - it scared the you know what out of me too but to our defence it was either bump it or have every tom, dick and sally create a new thread (which was no somthing I think the board Mod would like lol.) I might use the oppostion roast thread from now on in hindsight

    If it makes you feel better I am too scared to read the reply :p
    Noticed ya comment in the Pratt's hit on Newton thread.

    Where you sitting with a bunch of young Dees supporters? I was sitting to the left of the Melbourne players who weren't playing today.
    Hey mate how are ya?

    Noticed you've been posting a lot recently, just why we haven't seen you much until now seeing you joined a year agon?


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