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    Opposition Camp Jono Marsh has been signed by the Saints

    Yeah I'd say Marsh for Roberton too and Rowe comes in to cover loss of Carlisle.
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    Thanks OA. My rank last year was 1958 and I think I made Div 1 GF (lost to Yippers!)
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    Bugger missed out. Any Bigfooty Pies from Div 1 last year (like me) still looking for a Pies league? If there is enough interest I can set up another league.
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    So are we doing the BigFooty Magpies leagues again or what? Still haven't seen a code come through.
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    Hey Raveneyes I'm keen to go around again if you set something up. I was in Div 1 last year. Team name last year was The Phenomenal One (overall rank 1958). 2019 team name will be The Treatment. Cheers
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    Leagues 2019 Official BigFooty League Sign Up

    I'm in: Team name 2019 = The Treatment 2018 rank: 1958 (The Phenomenal One)
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    Scores and rankings Official BigFooty SuperCoach Group

    I'm in, team name for 2019 "The Treatment".
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    WWE TV, Rumours and Discussion - Part VII

    RIP Mean Gene. He was involved in so many iconic interview segments over the years with Hogan, Flair, Savage, Warrior, Andre the list is endless. Don't forget the infamous wrestling hotline! 1-900-909-9900 and kids need parents permission! :drunk: A legendary wrestling figure has left us...
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    What would you like to see at WrestleMania 35?

    I think the time is right for the Woman's title to close out Mania but I would like the match to be Rousey v Becky Lynch (one on one). Just think that match has the potential to have more heat and interest in the build. The crowd has eaten up this new bad ass Lynch persona and I think she could...
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    WWE TV, Rumours and Discussion - Part VII

    So it looks like we are getting the obligatory December roster top up from NXT to help make up the numbers in both Rumbles. Hopefully they use EC3 and Nikki Cross better that they have some of the more recent call ups. I must admit I haven't seen a lot of Lars Sullivan but I'm not overly...
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    WWE Royal Rumble - 28th January 2019, 11am AEDT

    Not sure what it is about the Rumble Match but I've loved it since I was a kid. Also looking forward to what the 2nd instalment of the Women's Rumble looks like. Hopefully the build through January picks up a bit as the product through Nov/Dec has been pretty sh*te! With Brock and Braun in a...
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    Pre-Season Training 2018-19

    For those track watchers; has Adam Treloar been training? I must admit I can't recall seeing him in many of the training pics or vids.
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    WWE TV, Rumours and Discussion - Part VII

    I've given up following it on a weekly basis. Will read the results on line but can't watch it anymore. Might start watching again in the lead up to the Rumble and the road to Wrestlemania; until then I'm taking a break.
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    Australian Wrestling thread

    Yeah I saw that too. Much deserved. He is a brute of a man but his lack of height (as a Heavyweight) does worry me a bit when it comes to making it big in the Fed. Would still be a great effort just to make it. Not sure how good of a grappler he is but I could see him in the Tazz mould. Doubt...
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    Pre-Season Training 2018-19

    Good to see Bucks and most of the list out there today; especially Billy and Darcy. Agree with others the intensity looked pretty strong. Anyone know who the kid with the dark hair was in the time trial (about 26 sec into clip behind Stepho)? I thought it might have been Appleby but on second...
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