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    TSL licenses 2014

    Lets be honest, the current TSL is a joke. The average age of most clubs players is under 21. The sides that win flags in the afl has an average age of 25-26. There is an issue right there already. Yes the comp is there to develop young players so they can be drafted. But the standard of the...
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    NTFA 2012 DIV 1- footy rumours!!!!

    Oh dear. That is terrible from Miar.. How could you do that, taking the coin and then leaving very dodgy bloke.... I would imagine Rocherlea will not be anywhere near as strong, I reckon they could battle against a well coached opposition.. Summers rumoured to be getting 500 bucks a game...
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    General TSL Talk

    Oh my god, this is getting a bit ugly up at south.. Heard young riley was a bit over thorpes treatment of the younger players.. I reckon it would be very clicky up there with his cobbas... I hope it improves for their sake.. But I do agree the writing was on the wall. I just hope the coach...
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    Hobart Teams

    As an old man in the north of the state, can any of you lads on here give me some info about some of the Hobart clubs, I cant be bothered buying the advocate and the mercury for my hit of the footy gossip. Who is shaping up well? Any new coaching staff down that way? New recruits? And...
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    Tips for 2012

    Tips.. This is a great way to test yourself, the beauty of this site you can look back on a post from a long time ago. Please post you tips for Tassie Medal and Premiership, also the top 5 teams at the end of home and away season Here are my tips. Launceston North Hobart Clarence...
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    NTFA DIV 1 and 2 January 2012 News

    Lets get some decent info coming in about this comp, all the other competitions have great news about teams etc. Welcome and please post often. It is a lot of fun to hear about other clubs are travelling etc. I will make a start. George Town look to of picked up a few and could be back to...
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    2012 Movements

    The north West coast teams look to be improving quite a bit which is great for the competition and maybe the dockers can give the flag a shake.. What is the story with Darren Crawford, he said he knocked back an offer to play VFL to stay at N.L, surely not this can not be true as if you would...
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    NTFA 2012 DIV 1- footy rumours!!!!

    Yeah I have heard this as well. Scottsdale should improve especially with the likes of Breadmore, Thompson and Denham Hall returning, Probably will just scrape into top five and then who knows what could happen like in 2010. Come from fifth and make the grand final. Time will tell
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    General TSL Talk

    ok the silly season has begun. Mitch Thorpe best of luck to him. At least he is having a go. I presume they made him full time as he could not be employed elsewhere?? Who is going to coach North Launceston. Players will not stay if they dont appoint a coach sooner or later?? Launceston looking...
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    NTFA 2012 DIV 1- footy rumours!!!!

    Great to see a ntfa div 1 comp post up and running. I have heard the same at rocha, D. Roozendaal has been signed up this has to be one of the biggest signings in history. Dunno if it is a great thing to play against Scottsdale. But he can handle himself in that area. Mike Rainbow coach of...
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    NTFA Div 2

    Wowy Is this true..? The south prospect hawks will definetly improve if this is actually true. I look forward to following them closely this season. lets hope the big man employs some one different to take the fitness drills because by the look of Wayne he would not know the first thing...
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    General TSL Talk

    Coaching Glenorchy Has Kim Excell been appointed for 2012? North Launnie Basically, what is going on up there. They have had 3 coaches in 3 years in SWL and soon to be 4 when they appoint a new one. Who will coach the side in 2012? Hobart Who will coach Hobart? North Hobart Is Lance the man...
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    NTFA DIV 1 and 2 predictions

    Business end of the season lets have a crack at the flag winners and b and f winners.. Perth to win flag with Leigh Barker to win the medal, kicked a lot of goals. Rocherlea to win the flag and David Wickam to win the medal, same reason he has kicked a lot of goals and probable takes 15...
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    Finals predictions

    Here is my prediction please add yours.. Launceston 72 points Clarence 64 points Burnie 44 points, North Hobart 44 points Percentage to seperate. Lauderdale, North Launceston 40 points Percentage to seperate. Glenorchy to finish with 32 points and be the biggest let down of the season...
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    Mature age AFL Draftees

    Absoloutely no chance old and is terrible.. Jake Cox and Jayde Bowden a big chance and also Mott sounds like a really good chance with his current form..