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  • Part 2:
    Most Geelong fans will agree that Steven Johnson has been guilty of occasionally playing for frees in many games but in fact he rarely gets them in those cases. It has now got to the point where he often does not get frees he deserves. Hope he's learned from that.

    To claim that Selwood plays for free kicks however is just football ignorance. He gets rewarded for attacking the ball with courage and constantly putting his body on the line. And, being a key in-and-under ballgetter, opposition players want to shut him and/or slow him down any way they can. Frankly Selwood doesn't need me to defend him. Anyone with a modicum of footy knowledge and impartiality knows he's one of the most courageous and skilled players currently running around. If you don't enjoy the way he plays the game you are either a one-eyed diehard, or you just don't appreciate good footy.
    Wrt your reply in the protected species thread (now locked).

    Part 1:
    Comprehension is clearly not one of your better attributes so I'll spell it out for you. The thread is about 'protected species'. The table shows that Geelong doesn't get a free ride from umpires, despite all the unintelligent and puerile nonsense on BF. In fact with their attack on the ball and very high possession rates one could reasonably expect that statistically Geelong's free kick count (both for and against) would be higher than it is.

    Alternatively, you could show me the figures for unwarranted free kicks for Geelong players 'dropping in the tackle' or 'looking for high contact'. No doubt there will be a few (in every side) throughout a season, but nothing which is significant in any sense - either statistically or in regard to impact on a game.
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