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  • TT, good to talk with you. Remember how Davey sooked in the 2006 Elimination Final? In retrospect, that was a sign of things to come My god, we were all so afraid that he would leave with Brick McLean - but since then, by and large, he has done bugger all. He is no better a player than what he was a few years ago, if at all. And yes, your wider assumption is correct, though I am of the liberal variety. But when one comes from a bog-Irish Catholic family, it pervades one's being - for you to make this comment, I presume you are in the same category? Best wishes, B
    Ha ha, it's a bit erratic isn't it! I like catching up on all the inside news, just don't always post an opinion. Some of the feedback can be a bit over the top... Anyway, I'm back on board, two weeks of no football has got me hungry.
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