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  • Chief, the most stable genius, aware so hopefully have it back soon. will stick to trolling fairdinkum in the meantime
    piss poor post!

    Calling me an idiot for having an opinion!
    Mate, seriously...does your sh*t stink or what?

    Don't reply or quote any of my posts again. You don't like then bite your tongue and hold it in. Otherwise feel free to contact me via message and I'll give your my number and we can work something out ok.
    Hope you got in contact and worked this out tex #hugs
    I was going to go harder but decided to ease back.

    Was going to suggest that it was lucky the "visitor" was a good root then
    Inasmuch as it's possible to enjoy it, yes ;) If he questions something he believes just once I'll call it a victory.
    I rekon that I meant to leave it somewhere else and only realised after it was sent...i do apoligise for my memory being a bit cloudy as i was probably half cut at the time.
    Tex_21, come on, you well know I am the harlequin of the forum and not to be taken seriously :D
    Hi Tex, you going to the game? I've got tickets in the Olympic stand, ground level. Catch up for an ale if you're down. cheers
    Hey Tex, I'm just back from 4 weeks holiday from USA and Canada, too busy doing holiday stuff to get onto bigfooty ;)
    It's up to the mods I suppose. Admittedly if I get back onto Bay 13 I'll get in all sorts of trouble at work as my output will drop significantly!
    No probs mate. Just thought I'd ask koz you're usually around and post a bit and thought you might enjoy it. All good. Good luck with your exams and that aswell champ.
    I think you get one pick from the entire Afl list each night over 22 days and then they vote who has the best team in the end or something. Looks alright.
    Wona had it as his signature a couple of days ago, he was letting all his fans know that the alias on TLC wasn't actually him and that no-one should stress.

    And yeah man, I had an account of TLC but Roger banned me before I even ****ing posted, I haven't been bothered to sign up again.
    Tex mate. If you get this anytime soon go on the main Afl board and join Rioli's draft game. It's called 'West123's AFL fantasy draft' They're still looking for a Geelong supporter who is a regular poster. Should be fun.
    ahh ok

    damn I was hoping we could go get latte's and play badmington some day aww well

    I wouldnt be suprised if we bumped into each other one day haha I always catch the train from there

    that would be eventfull
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